Hi there!

First I want to say that English is not my native language.

So, forgive me if there’s writing mistake.

My name is Izandi, it’s my first name.

I lived in Indonesia.

I didn’t finish college due to family problem.

Since 2010 my father died I ended up moving from city to another city.

Soo…to make it short.

I’m in quite difficult financial situation.

Rent is increasing every year, food price, gas, everything increased yet my income cannot keep up with it.

So I have this idea when looking at milliondollarhomepage.

I know this is crazy but I have nothing to lose.


This NFT things is new to me.

So I owned Pictxel.com domain, currently I used it to sell backlinks. It’s very cheap ranging from US$1.5 to US$20 per article.

If you buy this thing, I will put your picture here on the homepage!

But please no vulgar picture.

For the first time buyer the picture will be centered 500 x 500 pixel in size.

And also I will extend pictxel.com to maximum period allowed 8-9 years.

The money I received will be used to refund the backlinks buyer.

Because I will change the homepage for the first time buyer.

The 500 x 500 pixel picture will have links to pictxel.com/yourname with details about youself or everything.

The website will be publicly accessible around the world so please don’t write something offending.

Yes, that’s my promise to buyer! 🙏

I even give my WhatsApp number so we can chat. Well, I’m very introvert person so texting is the only way I comfortable. Maybe this is why I don’t have friends in real life 😭

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